The Geek has inherited the Earth!

The Geek has inherited the Earth!

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Technologically inept

I want to punch somebody!  Not the best way to start my first blog I know but, that's how I feel.  Why do I feel that way? Well I have been trying badly, to connect my blogger account and my Facebook account and every other account I have together. I say I, well actually I watched my wife succeed where I would have failed.  She was patient and loving and tried to show me how to add buttons and other things and I swear she was teaching me calculus.  I'm an average guy, I know how to find porn, on that I am an expert.  I have a fairly good working knowledge of Facebook, that was until they changed it with this timeline and all that mess.

 I recently started a twitter account and I can see the benefit but that too seems like a lot of work.  I spend half my time trying to come up with clever things to say and it can be exhausting.  I don't know if there are professional twitter folk out there but kudos to you, I will never see you at the meetings.

I say all this really as a way of just breaking the ice and getting used to the idea of blogging on a some what regular basis.  I hope that anyone who takes the time to read this doesn't judge me too harshly for the porn comment because, we all do it, I just admitted it.

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